Sight Testing

We provide eye examinations from ages 4 and up, offering professional advice on all aspects of eye care and will prescribe the optimal correction of vision, be it for occupational or personal demands. Great care is taken to explain all findings in easily understood language.

We are registered for post cataract checks on behalf of the hospital.

Consulting room at Poringland

Contact lenses

Soft contact lenses can be worn by almost anyone these days due to the improved design and hi-tech materials of modern lenses. They are ultra-oxygen permeable and frequent replacement in order to optimise comfort with minimal fuss, ideal for part time use. Newer materials can solve issues that, in the past, may have caused you to give up lens wear.

Fitting, handling instruction and aftercare are provided along with appropriate solutions.

We can access lenses from most manufacturers and will prescribe the most appropriate system for your requirements-

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Click for contactact lens video library- handling etc

Spectacle Frames and Lenses

We stock a wide selection of spectacle frames including designer, rimless and economic, good quality frames.

We will offer professional guidance on frame suitability and expert advice on lenses.

Our spectacles are glazed locally by a specialist laboratory who, where appropriate, will re-surface lenses to the minimum possible thickness for each individual frame.

This process optimises the weight and aesthetics, creating the thinnest, neatest finish possible (rather than simply cutting stock lenses down to fit).

The finished specs will be of highest quality and warrantied for at least a year (some 2 years depending on frame).

Accessories and Services

We can do spectacle repairs, while you wait where possible, and offer specialist solder repairs, re-pinning etc.


We stock magnifiers and can supply sports glasses, low vision aids and goggles/masks.

We stock solutions, medicinal eye drops, Macushield lutein supplements, sunglasses, cords, clip-on’s and cases.

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