Covid-19 Impact

Updated 28.2.21

We are working with modified procedures.  Note- Opening times are likely to change at short notice


This is due to lack of demand in the current lockdown, apologies for any inconvenience.

We are open for routine appointments but prioritising patients with sight problems/necessary replacement glasses/ repairs 

> Patients are asked to wear a mask / face covering & use the hand sanitiser on entering.

>We are increasing  the spacing of appointment times  to allow cleaning –please aim to arrive at the appointed time (significantly too early can cause problems).

>Separation measures, equipment/ frame & surface disinfection procedures and PPE use is per guidance. Masks can be removed as required for some procedures.

* ANYONE WHO THINKS THEY MAY HAVE SYMPTOMS THAT COULD BE SIGNS OF CORONAVIRUS MUST NOT ATTEND, also defer if you think you may have come into contact with anyone infected- please isolate as per government guidance.

> All staff are tested weekly to confirm covid free.  Optometrist vaccinated 18.1.21. All staff now vaccinated

Ian Murdoch

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Stay safe. Sorry for any inconvenience.